Reaching Galicia/Spain

To help the OM team in the different activities they plan to have during those months.


Various Dates: See Details


AUD 1450.00 per month

Application Deadline

Applications closed

Open to



No Marrieds


No Families


No Groups

Based in A Coruña, you will be helping at the social centre, running a secondhand shop, an English conversation club, English classes and any workshops we might have at the time you are here. You will be attending a local Baptist Church which is partnering with the social centre. You will be involved with the Teens & Youth group of the church and any other events the church might have.

You will work alongside OM workers and participate in their team meetings. Expect to follow a schedule of different ministry activities. Accommodation and travelling are included in this program cost.

We are looking for people who are teachable, flexible, and passionate about sharing the gospel. Please understand, that while you are serving with us, you won't be able to travel around Spain. Do not expect holidays during your time with us. However you will get one day off, where you can visit and do any sightseeing around the province of A Coruña. The budget doesn't include any extra money for sightseeing or any transportation outside A Coruña city.
OM flat. You will be sharing an apartment with other participants. Expect to share a bedroom.
You will need to cook for meals. The team will take turns in cooking at least one meal a day.
Arrival and departure at A Coruña airport (LCG). Or A Coruña bus or train station.
In good health.

Less than 90 days without a visa. However check with your local Spanish embassy if you need a letter of invitation.

The earliest we will be accepting people for this programme will be January 2022.

When: September to July

How Long: 1 month to 11 months

Required Notice: 1 month


Formerly a mobile library, Bus4Life is a multi-functional ministry centre that serves the communities of Central and Eastern Europe. It brings Bibles and Christian literature to the people living in towns and villages who would otherwise have limited or no access to them. Each Bus4Life visit is accompanied by a local outreach team that carries out evangelistic programs for all ages. The ministry is committed to working together with the national and local churches, providing them with quality Christian literature, ideas, and supplies in local ministry and outreach.
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