Summit IT helper

In this fairly remote country in the Himalayas, many people have never heard of God’s love. Millions of people are untouched by the transformative impact of the gospel. This is simply because no one has been there, yet! As an IT helper you will support and maintain team IT and office work.


When you join Summit as an IT helper, a significant part of your time is spend at the office in the city. Your IT skills to manage Windows computers, updates and other Microsoft software are needed in the team in this Himalayan country. Contribute your God-given gift for His ministry and be part of His team even for a few months. You will learn about what God is doing for His Kingdom and expand your experience of cross-cultural missions while you are serving in an international team.


You will work at the office for managing team IT and Windows. You will also join team outreach once a week with other international team members. Besides your regular office work and team ministry, you will participate in team meetings (Bible study, prayer meeting, morning devotions) and go on a short trek.

Who is this for?

You are ready and most welcome to join when you: have a decent understanding of English language; will be flexible with any changes or circumstances; are passionate about sharing His truth with others; Being able to work independently. Good understanding of computer software and hardware, Knowledge of Microsoft Office 365.

You will need to be in reasonable good health, both physically and emotionally. Be prepared for bumpy bus rides, long hikes in mountainous areas and interaction with local people. Please inform us if you have any health issues.


Your new home will be in the nation’s capital. Together with other international team members you share a flat, and live close to where the rest of the team lives. You are responsible for practical things like shopping, cooking and cleaning. On trek you stay at local homes or churches. Be prepared to sleep on whatever you bring or what is provided for you.

You and your flat mates are cooking your own meals. Local Asian food will be served during trekking (lots of rice!). Be ready to enjoy the food served for the team. Please ask for advice if you have dietary restrictions.

You are responsible to arrange and pay your own flight. We will pick you up at the airport. All other travel within the country will be taken care of. Unfortunately it's not possible to stay longer, as your visa will expire.

Please fill in your interest and the local office will get in touch with you relating to visa. Majority of nationalities can get visa upon arrival.

  • Where South Asia
  • When Various Dates
  • Apply by Various: See Notes
  • Cost AUD 1640.00 per month

Note: PRICE IS MONTHLY AND APPROXIMATE. MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO EXCHANGE RATES. Prices do not include flights, visa, insurance or any vaccinations required.

When: All year (preferably January or August)

How Long: 2 months to 5 months

Required Notice: 1 month

Cost: 1640.00 AUD per month

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