Ride2Transform Israel

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This activity provides the opportunity of cycling through Israel and enjoying the Land of the Bible while looking for situations to connect with people, share the Message and your testimony, visit and create contacts and pray for the lost and hopeless. Many of the people groups in Israel are considered unreached so there are many ways in which to engage in conversation with locals as the Lord leads.


18 March 2023 – 26 March 2023


AUD 1510.00

Application Deadline

14 December 2022
Note: Prices do not include flights, visa, insurance or any vaccinations required.

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By being passionate about sharing your faith, you will be creating contacts and relationships that give you the opportunity for ministering to their needs and also you will give the opportunity for our local team to follow up with those contacts. This ministry will also provide you with experiences and tools for your own future personal ministry in your home country.

Cycling through Israel from north to south as we seek for opportunities to spread the Gospel with people on the road, in small kibbutzim, towns and cities. Cycling, prayer, evangelism, Bible study, connection to local ministries and people.

In order to join this ministry, you need: 1. Passion for sharing the Gospel and boldness to engage at all times 2. Excellent command of English (Hebrew would be ideal, but not necessary) 3. Be in shape as we will be riding at least 100 km a day 4. A desire to serve fellow riders in prayer, encouragement, and practical areas of everyday life 5. You will need to have a good road bike (in great condition and basic tools). Bicycles in Israel are very expensive, so we recommend bringing your own bicycle. There may be a bike to rent in Israel if needed. 6. You could also participate as a volunteer in logistics (bike mechanic, medical support, cooking) and by being part of the evangelism team.
Will there be accomodation provided?
Prayer House,​ Airbnb, Guesthouse
Will there be food provided?
​​Eating out at kiosks and restaurants
Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?
Participant needs to arrive at Ben Gurion airport by 1pm on March 18th. An OM team vehicle will take people from the airport to the team house in Haifa.
What should my health condition be like?
Needs to be healthy enough to​ cycle up to 131 km per day. Total ride distance is 539 km over 5 days, 4,700 mts gain.
Do I need a visa?

Usually, three-month tourist visa granted upon arrival to the country. To see if your country qualifies, please look at this page: https://www.gov.il/BlobFolder/reports/tourist-visa-table/en/2022_Foreign_Visa_to_Israel.pdf


This is an intentional Discipleship training for the Trek participants from all over the world moving from country to country within Africa for a specific time. It is an amazing adventure filled with learning from everyday life activities and service in different churches visited along the way. Growth and deeper intimacy with God is key as you take part in the Trek.
We aim to give participants - Knowledge and experiences to help them grow, and continue growing, in their knowledge of, and intimacy with God and awareness of self - An understanding of God's heart for the nations. We particularly focus on what God is doing amongst Muslim people in the world and within our movement, while exposing participants to various opportunities. Participants will learn biblical and proven skills and tools to engage Muslim peoples while serving on a multicultural team. Participants will be provided opportunities to apply what they have learned within Turkey and another Muslim country, when possible.
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