Body Builders TURKEY Spring Outreach-2023

Encourage and promote local churches and small church plants through evangelism and distribution alongside local partners.


3 April 2023 – 11 April 2023


AUD 560.00

Application Deadline

Applications closed
Note: PRICE IS APPROXIMATE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO EXCHANGE RATES. Prices do not include flights, visa, insurance or any vaccinations required.

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Come take the life changing message of Easter to the lost alongside local believers. Partner with local churches and new church plants around Turkey's Aegean region by using your gifts to creatively build their body. This is an outreach you won't want to miss.

3 April: Arrive in Izmir, Turkey (No later than 15:00) 4 April – Orientation in Izmir 5-9  April –Partner with local churches around the area through English Clubs and street evangelism. 10 April-Debrief 11 April – departures

We are happy to welcome you if you are flexible, can adjust easily to new situations and if you are open to being lead by the Holy Spirit, willing to share the Gospel and God's love people you meet.
Will there be accomodation provided?
We will stay in simple hotels, hostels & guest houses.
Will there be food provided?
All meals are included, and Turkish food is famous! If you have any specific dietary needs, please let us know in advance.
Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?
You need to book and pay for your own travel to and from Izmir. Please plan to arrive on a flight that gets into Izmir no later than 3 pm on April 3 and leaves after 10 am on April 11.
What should my health condition be like?
Participants should be in good health, ready to walk about the city. It will be hot. Any special needs (allergies, medical conditions...) must be communicated as early as possible so that organizers can prepare well. Each participant should arrange personal medical insurance to cover the period of the outreach.
Do I need a visa?

Please get an e-visa at 

Our local staff are aware and constantly reviewing the security situation. They choose places to go to wisely. The government places high priority on the safety of tourists. They have enhanced security measures and continue to take measures to ensure that no harm comes to anyone visiting their country. 


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