Salamu Aleikum Switzerland Interlaken (Standard accommodation)

Thousands of international tourists come to Switzerland during the summer, including many Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula. Many have never had the opportunity to personally meet a Jesus follower or to hear the Gospel in their home country. We want to take this unique opportunity and use the freedom we have in Switzerland to share God`s love with the Arabs from the Arab Peninsula.


5 August 2023 – 19 August 2023


AUD 2370.00

Application Deadline

29 May 2023
Note: PRICE IS APPROXIMATE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO EXCHANGE RATES. Prices do not include flights, visa, insurance or any vaccinations required.

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This is a special opportunity for you to bring hope and light to people living in the heart land of Islam, in the Arabian Peninsula. You will also gain a better understanding of Islamic culture and religion through: - personal contacts with Muslims - training - fellowship with brothers and sisters having experience in or coming from the Middle East

Participants will be part of an Outreach Team that serves in either the afternoon or evening shift. Each team will consist of a praying pair and an engaging pair. Participants will serve as part of a four-person team, at the book table engaging passersby or at the Jesus film showing. During the morning sessions we will hear testimonies and have some special lessons in which we learn more about Islam and what it means to live in the Arab world. We learn as well how to start a conversation and and share Christ with Muslims. Prayer, worship and devotion are all part of the morning program. There is a free day for sightseeing built into the program.

The team and outreach language is English. We are an international team. Participants speaking Arabic are welcome! Participants need to be willing to learn about the culture and religion of the Arabs. We welcome families with children. Please contact us to discuss costs and availability.
Will there be accomodation provided?
Good quality accommodation in a christian guest house with beautiful view of the mountains and within walking distance of Interlaken. 2-4 beds per room, bathroom with toilet and shower.
Will there be food provided?
All meals are included. Special diet plan can be requested. Please communicate special dietary needs in your application.
Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?
Arrival: Plan to arrive between 2pm and latest 5pm. Rooms are not available earlier! Participants arrange and pay for their own travel to Interlaken West. We highly recommend purchasing Travel Ticket or Airline Ticket Insurance. Switzerland has 3 airports: Geneva (GVA), Zurich (ZRH), Basel (BSL). From all 3 airports you reach Interlaken by train within 3 hours. Trains are a very safe and common way of transport in Switzerland. Participants will be picked at the train station "Interlaken West".
What should my health condition be like?
Participants are required to have purchased sufficient Travel Health Insurance (including Covid) that covers them during the time of the cycle they are participating in. Participants need to be ready for long hours standing/walking during outreach times. If you have health limitations or allergies, please, let us know!
Do I need a visa?

EU: No visa required Non-EU Passport: Visa required (some countries such as US/Canada can get the tourist visa at the airport, but not all). Please confirm with the following link:

This is a two-week outreach. Nevertheless, one week is possible from the 5th until the 12th of August. We will continue to monitor the corona situation and reserve the right to cancel the outreach. The costs are therefore only due shortly before the outreach. We also recommend booking flights and travel tickets shortly before the outreach.


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