Church planting support – France

Do you long to see a spiritual revival in Europe where people from all nations come to understand who God is, how much He loves them and what His plan for their lives is? Come and be a part of what God is doing through His church in France and help memebers of a church in Pontault-Combault by supporting them whilst they share the love of God with their town!


29 April 2023 – 7 May 2023


AUD 515.00

Application Deadline

3 March 2023
Note: PRICE IS APPROXIMATE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO EXCHANGE RATES. Prices do not include flights, visa, insurance or any vaccinations required.

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Come and help a church in the middle of a church planting phase as they seek to plant two churches in the neighbouring towns (where there is no church) by 2024! During this outreach our aim is to help the memebers of the church build and fortify relationships with the local people in these towns by organising various events, all for the purpose of sharing the Good News.

Do YOU want to see more church plants? Join us as we support a church seeking to plant two new churches in neighbouring towns by 2024! The outreach will start with a short, uninterrupted time where we will refocus on God for ourselves by studying the Bible together, pray and worship together and encourage each other by sharing our testimonies. This will help us be ready to share the amazing news of the gospel with renewed joy and passion! During the following days we will be working with members of the church to organise kids clubs in local parks, prayer walking in the areas where the new church plants will be as well as stepping out and sharing in the streets via music, flyering, artistic events etc. The aim of these events is both to share Jesus' love with the people of these towns, but also to show them that there will soon be a new church in their area where they can go to find out more!

You are someone who is ready to take a step of faith and serve God! You are flexible and enjoy learning to do new things! You want to share the Good News about Jesus with people who have never heard it! *We're also particularly looking for people who enjoy working with kids and people who have musical ability*
Will there be accomodation provided?
Participants will be housed either with members of the church or in an apartment belonging to the church.
Will there be food provided?
The food will be financed and provided by the church, but you are welcome to buy other food whilst you're here - you will need to bring your own money for this.
Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?
Participants must arrange their own travel to and from the outreach, but all travel during the outreach is covered in the cost.
What should my health condition be like?
Participants should be in good health, not needing intensive medical attention.
Do I need a visa?

Please check visa requirements before arriving, all EU residents will not need a visa.


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