Outreach to Muslim North Africans in Spain: Option 2

An opportunity: • to give away many New Testaments and flyers with QR codes for Gospel websites. • to enjoy fellowship and discussion with others who have a heart for mission. • to learn how you may share your faith effectively with Muslim men, women and young people. • to pray for the nations and hear about Gospel progress around the world. • to grow in your faith, develop your gifts and discover God’s plan for your life.


26 July 2023 – 26 August 2023


AUD 2110.00

Application Deadline

Applications closed
Note: PRICE IS APPROXIMATE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO EXCHANGE RATES. Prices do not include flights, visa, insurance or any vaccinations required.

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• The southern tip of Spain is only 14km from Africa. • Almost six million North Africans pass through this port every year. • Most come from countries where Christian mission is forbidden. • Many are happy to receive scriptures and to hear the Gospel.

• You will offer scriptures and other gospel resources to North Africans in the port area and other parts of the city. • Clear guidance will be given about appropriate behaviour and dress in this Muslim context. • Teaching, fellowship, and prayer will be in English, Spanish and perhaps other languages, with continuous translation wherever possible. • There will be a short Bible message at the start of each day and a time to share experiences and pray together in the evening. • If the weather is hot, we may work early in the morning and late at night.

You will need to be at least 18 years old and have: • a personal faith in Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord • a willingness for God to work in your life • a desire to learn and grow as a person • an openness to people of other faiths and cultures • a desire to share the love and compassion of Christ with Muslims
Will there be accomodation provided?
Accommodation for singles will be shared (single sex) rooms in guest houses, church properties or local homes. Married couples and families to be arranged.
Will there be food provided?
Communal cooking and cleaning rotas will be arranged whenever possible.
Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?
You can fly to the airports of Malaga, Seville or Gibraltar. You can then take a bus from Malaga Airport to Algeciras (15 – 20 €) or a bus from Seville Airport to Algeciras (20-35 €) and if you go through Gibraltar you can take a bus from la Linea de la Concepción to Algeciras (€1.20). The cost of the bus from these airports to Algeciras is in addition to the cost of the programme.
What should my health condition be like?
Participants should be in good health and be able to be on their feet for several hours at a time in hot weather. You should check if there are any Covid or other health requirements or restrictions at the time of your travel.
Do I need a visa?

Members of the European Union have free access to Spain. Citizens of most Latin American and some other countries can visit Spain for up to 90 days without a visa. But visitors from elsewhere will need a tourist visa to enter Spain. Check with your local Spanish consulate what the Spanish entry requirements are for your specific country. As visa applications can move slowly, please apply as soon as possible!

1. The cost of 1000 € per month covers one month’s accommodation, food and transport in Algeciras. It doesn’t cover transport to arrive in Algeciras or visas (if required). 2. There are three possible options: 25th June to 25th July 2023 (1 month) OR 26th July to 26th August 2023 (1 month) OR 25th June to 26th August (2 months). The price stated is for one month.


A Lionheart holiday club is a five-day event for children, held in a church. Each day there is a fast moving, entertaining two-hour programme, designed for children to enjoy themselves as they learn the truth about God and about themselves. OM’s Kids ‘n’ Things children’s ministry team works in partnership with the church members to run the club. A Lionheart holiday club can be a useful event to bring in children from the community who do not usually attend church. Our aim is then to channel these children into the ongoing children’s work of the church. Although some children may become Christians during the holiday club it is often during the ongoing contact with Christians that children make a commitment. A Lionheart club is suitable for all primary school age children (4-11 years old). Some churches run a family service at the end of the week, which the children and their families are invited to.
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