STEP into MENA Arts Track

The Artist track of our 12-week short-term exposure programme (STEP) is an opportunity for artists to both grow and minister as they build relationships with artists in the host culture. They will learn how to use their skills and make disciples within a MENA context, as they learn some basic language and culture skills. This practical and interactive programme is meant to be a steppingstone into further ministry among the least-reached peoples from the MENA region, whether within MENA or among immigrants in the Diaspora. While all artists can apply, we will be giving priority to musicians this year (2024) as we have some music projects lined up.


This year in our STEP into MENA program, we will be offering a special track for those seeking training in serving the people from MENA by using the Arts. 1st month:Trainees study the local dialect and receive basic training for service among the least reached in MENA, coached by experienced trainers. 2nd month: Artists receive specialized training and coaching from experienced international artists, followed by a time of engaging in creative art projects in partnership with local artists. 3rd month: Trainees receive mentoring as they continue to specialize in their area of interest, and continue with creative art projects.


We pray that those who complete the training will: Have a passion for reaching the least reached from the MENA region. Have basic skills for intercultural understanding in a Middle East and North African Muslim context. Have begun learning a local Arabic dialect and developed some basic vocabulary. Have a basic toolkit for sharing their faith with their Muslim neighbors. Have learned basic principles for discipling Muslim seekers and starting vibrant communities of Jesus followers. Have made many friends with the least reached, especially with people of a similar community. Have had many opportunities to serve and engage with the local community, using their unique background and skills. Have learned principles for basic spiritual, emotional and physical self-care for long-term sustainable ministry in the MENA region.

Who is this for?

We are looking for trainees who are well grounded in their Christian faith and have already undergone basic discipleship training either in their home church, at a Bible school or another discipleship training programme. Participants must have a sense of calling to the peoples of the MENA region. Participants must be self-motivated, teachable and able to meet and make new friends. Artists will be given a link to our artist-specific application. Depending on your artistic discipline, we will assign an artistic assessor to look through your application/portfolio.

The participants must be in good health, have a tolerance to the stresses of cross cultural living, and be able to walk for longer stretches.


Participants will live in rented accommodation together with other participants of the same gender. Couples and families will be housed in own appartments.

With help from the trainers, participants will be responsible for buying and preparing their own food together with their housemates or as a larger group. The cost of the food is included in the budget for the program.Please inform us of any dietary restrictions.

The participant is responsible for travel to and from the country, as well as travel insurance. All costs of travel within country that fall under the STEP program are included in the budget. Once you have been accepted into the program, we will help you find the best ticket from your point of origin.

Participants will officially be in the country as tourists. Citizens of many countries are eligible for 3 month tourist visas given on entry to the country, but some must apply for a visa in advance. Please check online and see what the visa requirements are for your nationality.

  • Where Middle East and North Africa
  • When 7 Sep 2024 - 4 Dec 2024
  • Apply by 16 May 2024
  • Cost AUD 3900.00

PRICE IS APPROXIMATE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO EXCHANGE RATES. Prices do not include flights, visa, insurance or any vaccinations required.

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