Are you a young adult with a heart for mission?

Are you passionate about understanding God's call on your life?

Are you ready for an adventure to see what God might do?

If so, then OM Australia's internship program “The Journey” might be just the place for you...

What is "The Journey"?

“The Journey” is a 12-month internship program with OM Australia. Based in the Melbourne office you will have the opportunity to explore your gifting’s through a local church, study with Australian College of Ministries and attend a short term mission trip all while serving as part of the OM team and being guided by your own spiritual mentor. It's a full program! But we believe God will use it to challenge, stretch and grow your faith.

As the Internship Coordinator I see this time as pivotal in the life of the interns. I myself am a representative of a positive internship program with a mission organisation partnering with the Church. It was that next step as to what next in my journey to long-term mission. Over the years I have moved from selfishness to selflessness willingly serving wherever God wants me. This time I see as an investment back into others and building interns to a stage where they will follow God’s call wherever they are directed.

Young people within the Church do not often know who to talk to and talk about what next. This is that avenue to the mission journey. OM Australia has recognised a need for Nationals and Internationals to move forward in their journey. That lightening bolt or knock over the head may never come but this internship is key to discerning what next and being discipled throughout the year.

05 Ben IMG_2743

Ben Everard - "The Journey Coordinator"

Inspired testimonies of 2018 Interns


Alice Romijn

Alice came from the Netherlands, she jumped straight into Australian culture and she was unsure of her gifts and abilities. She grew in her identity in Christ, as God stripped back some layers and she gained greater clarity of how God has created her. Now Alice is looking at theological study and church ministry, using her pastoral gifts she has been developing.


Britney Ross

Britney came to give this thing called "missions" a go. She was unsure of how to live out her faith in her daily life at Macca's. Now Britneys heart has grown and her understanding of God has dramatically deepened. She is ready to show God's love to everyone she comes into contact with in both word and deed, passionate to see others experience Jesus, as she has.


Cody Penglase

Cody came with doubts about who he is and what he could do for the Kingdom of God. He wrestled with God, working through stuff from the past and about his the future. Now Cody is a different person than he was 12 months ago, more confident in who God is and who He has created him to be. He is now looking at church internship using his gifts of service.


Toby Jones

Toby came being a Christian for only a few years but jumped in head first into every ministry opportunity. Toby with his teachable heart, grew in passion, love for God and grew in his knowledge of the Bible. Now Toby is driven by the Great Commission, seeking to make disciples everywhere he goes and especially in his local church.


We are looking for passionate followers of Jesus who want to join with others in reaching the unreached and marginalized around the world. Does this sound like you?

  • A follower of Jesus for at least one year

  • A heart that wants to serve

  • A desire to grow in your relationship with Him

  • While we do not have a strict upper age limit, most of our participants are under 25 years old.

  • At least 18 years old by January 2018

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