A Catholic Girl finds Jesus at TeenStreet

Last year, a 16-year-old girl was invited by a friend to go with her to TeenStreet (TS) in the summer. At the last moment, the friend had to cancel her trip, but the girl decided to go anyway. Without knowing anyone in the Portuguese group, nor having a Christian background, she started her first TS experience with a 36-hour-bus-ride from Lisbon to Offenburg. 

For the first time in her life, the girl could hear the Gospel and see hundreds of other young people living their faith while having fun. She was challenged. 

On the third evening, after the Throne Room, she approached an OM Portugal Team Member to ask questions about God and Jesus. After an hour of talking they ended up praying together and she confessed her sins, and became a follower of Jesus.


TeenStreet has been one of the main Ministry Tools of OM Portugal for years. OM Portugal continues looking for ways to challenge local churches to send more and more teenagers to TeenStreet. Also, it is looking at new ways to make it more accessable for teenagers in the hard financial situation of many Portuguese families.

Past years have shown that a teenager that has been to TeenStreet is generally more:

  • dedicated to their faith, 
  • active in their home church and 
  • continuing in attending a church after teenage years. 

Investing in the youth doesn't only pay off in healthier future adults, but also in the health of future local churches. The Portuguese Church needs these God-driven, Spirit-filled and mission-minded youth to change its future. 

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