A faith-filled walk

As Logos Hope undergoes annual surveys to revalidate the vessel’s seaworthiness certifications, crewmembers have been able to experience their first outing on land for four months.

“Touching the ground never felt so good!” said one volunteer; delighted to get off the ship for a socially distanced walk after the prolonged period of isolation as a precaution against coronavirus.

Majo Mariaud (Mexico) put together a prayer walk through the port city of Willemstad, on which crew asked God for blessing and protection over the island and her people. Several groups of four made their way around specific landmarks to pray for requests Majo had prepared.

Next to a souvenir shop, a group prayed for the island which relies on tourism. They prayed for businesses to recover from the recession caused by the COVID-19 lockdown and for owners to seek and find God’s help at this difficult time.

At the floating bridge connecting two sides of the town, Logos Hope’s crew stopped to consider those crossing the bridge to get to school or work. They prayed for them to encounter people who would demonstrate God’s love.

Near the government palace, the visitors from different nations gave thanks that Curaçao’s authorities had permitted them to enter and experience the island. At a beach, crew praised God for the beauty around them. As they looked out to other ships, they asked God to keep those on board healthy and to bring them hope and joy even while they may be separated from loved ones.

The group who passed by a church stopped to thank God that He is at work through local believers. Crew stopped under the flag of Curaçao to pray for the country, the integrity of those in office, for the education system and that the nation may be an example to others.

One crewmember said, “I’m happy I could do something for this island, even though we aren’t able to open the ship to the public. The moment we pray, God is at work, so I have faith that He will do something beautiful in Curaçao as He answers our prayers.”

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