Afloat again!

After two weeks on the blocks on the dry dock platform of the shipyard in Las Palmas, Logos Hope has been pushed back on to the synchro lift, lowered back into the water and re-floated. Over these two weeks, the hull has been cleaned, grit-blasted and repainted to look as good as new again, and ready for another year at sea. The ship will remain at a berth in the yard while projects on the decks and inside the ship are completed over the remaining period of annual maintenance.

Among the many other projects taking place at the same time, are overhauling Generator 2, electrical work, maintenance on the lifeboats and davits (used to move the lifeboats into position for lowering), cleaning bilges and tanks cleaning, pipe work, seawater valve maintenance, servicing the cranes, and work on the rudders and propellors.

Project Supervisor Matt Blair (Australia) reports, “The crew has worked hard, with great progress in all areas. We are thankful for the excellent morale on board. The cooler weather has helped here, along with the great food prepared by the catering team. Please continue to pray with us for the coming week as there are still many jobs to be done!”

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