Bible overboard!

A crewmember finds an innovative way to connect with a passing boat, even while Logos Hope’s community is in isolation. While she has chosen to remain anonymous, this is her story:

“One evening, my friend and I were chatting on the ship’s outer deck. For some reason, my friend had a bag with her that she doesn’t use often. In it, she had found some booklets of the Gospel of John, which I’d given her from our free supplies in the bookfair to hand out to people we meet. We’d commented that we probably didn’t need to carry these around since no-one was leaving the ship, as a precaution against coronavirus.

Then I saw a small boat. I was very excited because we haven’t seen anyone apart from our fellow crewmembers for a while. I waved and called out to the boat, and the people on it shouted and signalled back. As it came closer to our ship, I saw it was a police boat. It came so near that I was able to ask them how they were, if they knew who we are and what we do. The boat policemen didn’t know about Logos Hope, so I explained our purpose to them.

Remembering the booklets of the Gospel of John in my friend’s bag, I asked them if they would like to have a free book. They said yes. I took one of the books but I was a bit worried about throwing it, since it was windy and there was quite a distance between us. I prayed in my heart, ‘Okay, Jesus, if you want this to happen, then you have to make a way.’ To me, it was a miracle – because I threw the book and it fell perfectly on the boat below! The policeman was just as excited as I was that he could receive the book.

After the boat continued on its patrol, I pondered, ‘It’s great to be outside to share the message of God’s love with people, but we don’t actually need to get outside the ship to do that. God can make a way for us to reach people.’ This experience changed my thinking. Since then, I have been using social media to share the gospel. I believe we should think differently now. Yes, we can’t leave the ship, but God is still leading us and is able to use us for His kingdom.”

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