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Building for the future of Latino Christians

Thousands of Latinos come to study at the free universities in Argentina every year. They have career dreams, whilst being open to explore challenges and life ahead of them.

The OM team facility is located on the doorstep of the student community, in the suburbs of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. Hundreds of people have attended workshops and seminars here. Every month, the team invites students to “Go-Equip” seminars. “Go-Equip” is designed to encourage Christians to discover how their professional qualifications could influence their futures. The seminars motivate them to share God’s love with others.  

“Most churches in Argentina struggle to send workers out to share the gospel in the traditional way, with a financial support basis,” said Markus Leder, OM’s country leader. Therefore, the team focuses on training future professionals to live out God’s love in their workplace.

“I grew up in a Christian conference centre and learnt a lot from people of other nations,” the team leader recalled. “I would love to pass that on. We can host Christian students and equip them to consider the scope of what God might do with them. Offering training accommodation would also generate rental income, which helps OM become more self-sustainable as an organisation.”   

However, offering students a home with adequate facilities requires renovating the electrical wiring in the building, as well as the water system. “Fixing those would be a huge step to enable a nice space for equipping and sending out Christian Latinos,” said Markus.

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