Joseph* is a young Zambian man fuelled by three great passions; serving Jesus, building a strong marriage with his new wife and working out. When he speaks about any one of these topics, his eyes sparkle.

Involved with OM since 2014 when he participated in Mission Discipleship Training, Joseph began his practical training in Kabwe, but soon moved to Ndola to begin work among the Somali people there. His heart has always been to reach youth through sports ministry.

Joseph recently returned from a new Personal Training programme that he is excited about putting into practice.

“I have always wanted to do more than coach specific sport skills,” he said. “This approach touches all areas of fitness: physical, emotional and spiritual–all aspects of a human being.”

Just as football has opened doors for discussions about Jesus, so too can weight lifting and strength training for those skilled in both this approach and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. There is a unique opportunity to share when working in a one-on-one environment that does not exist in group training.

Having already been trained as a coach, Joseph can work within and alongside football and basketball teams, shifting into more personal training as interest arises.

Joseph speaks with passion: “I see this programme as an answer to my prayers. Because of my love for working out, I was searching for a way to incorporate it into my ministry and was considering beginning a certification course. This could not have happened at a more perfect time in my life.”


Using fitness to break new ground

Joseph and his wife are planning to relocate and break ground as the first missionaries on an unreached island that is predominantly Muslim. They recently visited to scout out the area and listen to what the Lord would have them do. Joseph discovered that there is much interest in physical fitness but no real place for people to go to find exercise expertise. When sport and exercise were mentioned, people got excited. He knows that God has equipped him to fill the need for training and coaching as well as provide a way for him to share the good news.

Chris Welman, International Director of OM Sportslink, is praying with the desire to see more people like Joseph, who can combine their passions for Jesus and sports; using this unique platform to bring love, hope and transformation to least reached people groups around the world.

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