Building together

Logos Hope volunteers worked alongside local church members on a building project to support the roof structure of a church.

Susie Song (Asia) says, “They started to build the church a long time ago but due to financial challenges, they always had to stop the construction. Today we could support them with manpower. It was so good to see people working together to build the church for God and the community.”

For Luca Eduard (Romania), it was very special to work together with the church members. He says, “The way they treated us and the way they showed love to us – right from the beginning when they welcomed us with coconuts to drink – was such an amazing thing. After the work they even took us to several farms and showed us different types of fruits, and on top they made a fire and grilled plantains for us. Then we had some time of prayer time together. We were all very happy about doing this building project side by side.”

In addition to the building work, the ship volunteers donated two sewing machines as well as more than 40 Sunday school kits to support the church’s work in the community.

For Pastor Augustina Hanson and her church, the project was the first cooperation with the Ship Ministry. She says, “Today, their visit has been a blessing and good help to the church, and everybody is happy about everything that they have done. I stand in for the church to say a very big thank you to the crew. It has been a blessing to the church and we will want to partner with Logos Hope in future, anytime the ship comes, we want the crew to come and visit!”


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