Celebrating 50 years!

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ship Ministry on board Logos Hope looked a little different to what may have been planned, since the ship's bookfair remains closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. The vessel is currently not docked in a port, but sits at anchor a few miles off the Abaco Islands. Crewmembers are ferried ashore for daily outreach and construction projects, which are carefully managed to comply with hygiene and distancing regulations.

But one thing hasn’t changed in five decades: The Jesus-followers on board who are willing to serve God regardless of the circumstances. Nicolas Suarez (Colombia) says, “No matter the period we are living in, there will always be people in this world who need to know Jesus – today, just as 50 years ago. For me, it’s a privilege to work on board Logos Hope. I feel that since we have gone through months of isolation, the community is even stronger in Him.”

The vibrant mix of young people eager to share joy is another hallmark of the Ship Ministry. In the dining room decorated with flags, there was a cake shaped like a ship and an energetic performance of a happy anniversary song. A video message from London, England was played. OM's founder, George Verwer, who is now in his eighties, told the crew he is always praying for them and their ministry which remains close to his heart.

Logos Hope's director, Randy Grebe (USA) showed the volunteers a presentation about the history they are part of, stretching back decades before they were born. Recapping Logos, Logos II, Doulos and Logos Hope, Randy led the onboard community in prayers of thanksgiving for all God has done.

“God has transformed so many lives as a result of 49 million people visiting the ships, as well as crewmembers who have served – and this is possible because of pioneers like George who made the Ship Ministry happen, and through the generosity of partners and their donations,” says Randy.

The crew prayed for the Ship Ministry’s future; grateful that God has provided for more than fifty years and confident He will not stop.

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