Entering the TeenStreet (TS) ArtZone feels like stepping into a beautiful art gallery. Inspiration erupts from the tables and walls. For the artists, it’s truly a special place to paint, craft, build—create!

Made in the image of an unendingly creative God, creativity is a part of who we are.

There is no right or wrong way to create. Art in every form is beautiful to God because it is made by you. The ArtZone is the space for you to express yourself and to discover through art how God sees you.


The Worship Zone

Throughout the years, Brent, the leader of the Art Zone, has seen that people tend to “reduce” worship to singing or playing an instrument. But it is so much more than that.

“Everything you do in your life, you’re supposed to do for God. If you love painting, filmmaking, dancing—anything really, that can be your method of worship. I want the teens to know that it is OK to worship the way God has designed them,” Brent said.

Brent’s vision for the Art Zone is clear: “I want them to be able to operate in their identity in who they are. If you are an artistic person, anything you do can be part of your worship. Here at the Art Zone there is liberty to worship God the way He has designed you. So it really is a Worship Zone.”


The ultimate fashion designer

One form of art offered as a new addition this year was fashion illustration.

Sam (23, Germany), a fashion design student who loves what she does, ran the workshop ‘Fashion Illustration for Beginners’. She wanted participants to be inspired by knowing that fashion can also represent God’s kingdom and be an act of worship. “Outer appearance and fashion are so present in teenagers’ lives. I want to show them that God can be a part of this. He’s got endless facets, and fashion can also be a facet where God can operate. He loves and cherishes what you’re passionate about,” she said.

Sam’s heart burns for the fashion industry: “For Christians, it is still an untouched area. Through illustrating outfits that look appealing to my eye, I can appreciate and express the beauty God has placed into this world.”

But even more than that, God can use fashion illustration to draw people CLOSER to Him.

“I’ve seen teenagers who are full of creative ideas,” Sam said. “God lives inside of you and works through you. Using the gifts and talents He has placed inside of you is an act of worship that is pleasing to Him.”

Furthermore, fashion as an art form can be used as a way to bring people closer to God. Sam has experienced situations where people were encouraged and inspired by her illustrations. “Fashion moves people. When you illustrate a unique outfit for someone, it is as if God designed it just for this person and all you do is bring it to paper,” she described.


Your feelings on canvas

Indeed, the Art Zone is unique and well received by the teens. It’s one of the places at TS where you can draw CLOSER to God. Nora (13) said, “I love that I can do so many different things here. I believe that sometimes God gives me a picture, and I just draw it.”

The teens have the opportunity to fully express their creativity. Wiebke (15) said, “It’s great that there are not only a few pencils and paper. There are so many different ways to try out different forms of art.”

What’s also great about the Art Zone is the community. Emelie (14) said, “I love that there are group tables, and nobody has to paint on their own. And all the people I meet here are so friendly.”

For Emelie, drawing closer to God through art can be easy: “You can pray before you start drawing, and you can say ‘I paint this picture for God.’”

Hannah (13) said, “You see a lot of beautiful pictures of crosses and other things around here. You can express your feelings and show what God means to you.”

At the end of TS, the beautiful art created during the week will be sold, with all proceeds going to TeenStreet's fundraising project RAG – Raise and Give. 

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