Diary of an OM woman on assignment

Day 1: I am exactly 30 days away from the most important day of my life – the day I get married to the man I love. I am writing from an airport in Mexico where we just finished a week-long conference with Logos Hope’s lineup guys. The flight is delayed two hours; I'm not sure if I am going to make my connection in Sao Paulo. 

On WhatsApp, I am talking to my fiancé and sending some love messages to Brazil as we dream of the life we will soon have together. On my computer, I have around 40 emails I should answer as soon as possible; on my notebook a 'to do list' with all the things I need to do at work before I take a break for the wedding. On the phone I have my mom asking if I like the gifts she bought to give to people at the wedding and on another chat my cousin is arranging everything to do my last dress fitting during my three hour layover in Santiago de Chile before I continue to another city. There is so much going on but I am excited. I try to read some scripture at the airport but the noise and people are a bit too much to concentrate. Will try to do it tomorrow on my layover in Sao Paulo.

Day 2: I had to run to get to my flight to Chile, my home country. Before l get married in Chile I will spend two weeks visiting ports to survey whether or not it is a possibility for our ship, Logos Hope, to visit my home country next year. It will be a bit packed but totally worth it. My luggage got lost somewhere in Mexico. I will have to continue travelling with hand luggage – at least I have my computer and the ship brochures with me. I almost missed my flight, but arrived just in time to board the plane. These next two weeks will be intense. My time with God will have to wait until I get to Chile.

Day 3: I finally got to my parents’ home in Chile. I missed my flight last night so I had to spend the night in Santiago at my friend's house. It was good to catch up after some time; we stayed up until late. I had very little time off, so I used it to call my fiancé. Wasn’t very long though, I was a bit tired.

Day 4: Time to fly again, this time to Arica to start the survey trip. My luggage is still not here so I had to go and buy some clothes. But as The Beatles say: We can work it out, we can work it out…

Day 5: Full day of meetings, all very good. Met with immigration, customs and the port and finished the day sharing with a group of very energetic pastors who are very excited about the ship’s visit. As I shared with them, I also got excited. We had a nice time of prayer together. Got to the accommodation only at 22:00. Called my fiancé, fell asleep immediately. I am so grateful to God for the last days but have had no time to let Him know!

Day 6: I have a meeting with the governor tomorrow. I have to prepare. No suitcase yet so I will have to buy some clothes again. Note to self: do not forget Sunday is mom’s birthday! I need to buy a gift, haven’t been with my mom for her birthday in four years. Busy day!

Day 7: I finally have some free time so I spent time with God. I read this scripture:

“Here I am [Look; Behold]! I stand at the door and knock. If you [anyone] hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with you, and you will eat with me.” – Revelation 3:20 (EXB)

How many days has God been knocking at my door? Has He been shouting my name and I didn’t hear? I just realised it has been seven days since I had any quality time with my Father. Has He been knocking on my door and I didn’t open? I have been running the race, serving Him, but disconnected to the reason why I do it.

As I spend time with Him it immediately gives me the peace and perspective I need and was looking for these past few days. I find freedom and purpose. I become more patient and get strength for what is in front of me. But mainly I get to know better my Saviour, whom I serve.

Though spending time serving Him, in Bible study, and prayer with other Christians is important, time alone with God is critical in my relationship with Him. I spend time with God because it is my great pleasure (Psalm 16:11) and it is part of the abundant life Jesus came to bring me (John 10:10), but too often I forget about it because of the business of the day.

I should have remembered the words my friend Micky from Korea said the other day: “Spending time with God is not urgent but it is a priority.”

Camila is a citizen of Chile and heaven. She plays (not so well) the ukulele and the trompe, an indigenous Chilean instrument. She comes from the south of Chile, and is currently serving on OM's ship, Logos Hope.

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