Finding peace on the frontline

For one worker, Hope*, life has not slowed down because of the coronavirus. In fact, as a doctor in an elder-care facility, her life has become much busier.

Due to border shut-downs, volunteers helping in the home had to return to their passport countries while others were blocked access to enter Israel. During this time, the nursing staff is stretched to its limit. Hope has been working with the staff and helping train them to use personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks. The facility is isolating anyone with a fever until it is clear what their illness is, and is limiting visitors. Hope asks for prayer for her patients. Of course, she wants prayer for their health and safety in light of a virus that has proven more difficult for the elderly, but also Hope sees how the restrictions have left the residents anxious and lonely.

Hope's family has changed their patterns to support her ministry and job in the elder-care facility. Her son has stopped working around the public to minimise the risk to Hope's patients, while both Hope's mother and mother-in-law are in voluntary isolation as well.

Hope understands the way that worry and anxiety can overtake a person during the pandemic. She says that as a doctor, she receives so many updates on the virus and new instructions for treatment that is uncharted terrain for health professionals all over the world. The overflow of information can take the centre-stage of her attention, so to focus on Christ's peace instead, Hope has found that reading the Word of God is the only answer.

Previous to the stay-home order, Hope would exercise with a friend every day while memorising the book of Colossians together. Before she goes to sleep at night, Colossians 3:15 helps anchors her: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful” (ESV). Hope says: “What strikes me is that I need to allow, or joyfully submit, to Christ’s rule in my life and His peace will be there.”

Please pray for Hope as a frontline health professional during the coronavirus outbreak. Please pray for Hope's residents, that they will see the peace of Jesus in her and that it will alleviate their anxiety and loneliness. Pray for Hope's family, as they have all made sacrifices for her work. And lastly, pray that Hope will continue to submit in joy to Christ's rule so that His peace will overtake her.

*name changed

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