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Goldie reaches out to Muslims in Surfers Paradise

When we think of Surfers Paradise in QLD, our minds drift to images of the beach fringed by a crowded metropolis of holidaymakers, shops and restaurants. For Goldie, it’s all about seeing God at work while sharing her faith.

Goldie took part in Bound for Paradise, an OM initiative that reaches out to Muslim tourists from the Arabian Peninsula, the heartland of Islam. Travelling to Surfers to escape the heat, many have never met a Christian but will return home impacted by meeting people like Goldie.

Goldie spent her mornings in worship, prayer and training sessions learning from returning missionaries who have served for a long time in Muslim countries.

“It’s very encouraging to hear each of their journeys and how God is so ever faithful.”

Her evenings were spent meeting people and having many good conversations. “I remember praying to God to draw me to those who want us to speak.”

On one occasion, Goldie felt God prompt her to clean up some popcorn spilled by a group of Muslim ladies.

“God always has a purpose and does things so wisely,” Goldie remarks. Some of her teammates greeted the Muslim ladies as well. God strategically placed Goldie with each of her teammates to overcome language barriers. By the end of the night, each person in the group heard the story of Jesus.

Goldie is grateful to the Lord for the unique opportunities to share her faith through Bound for Paradise. “Perhaps it takes one different opinion and a real person to tell them who Jesus is that changes everything”.

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