Guided by the Holy Spirit towards the least reached

“The local church is the mother who prays, cares and sends the missionary and the missionary agency is like the father who guides where to go and how …” said Pil Hun Park, the director of Logos Hope during a breakfast missionary conference on May 22, 2018. The conference was held at Foursquare Charismatic Christian Church (ICCC) of the Chicó borough in Bogotá, Colombia. More than one hundred people from different congregations and evangelical Christian churches in the city gathered to connect and share. Alex Paniagua, Associate Director of Latin America in Operation Mobilisation (OM) translated Pil Hun's message about the mission of God among different churches and mission agencies. He also shared about OM International's vision: “We want to see passionate communities of followers of Jesus among the least reached ” and spoke on contemporary missionary tendencies such as Business As Mission (BAM) or Business In Mission (BIM), among others.
One of the assistant pastors of the ICCC of the Cedritos borough, Pastor Arturo Andrade, was initially skeptical about the conference and did not intend to go. He stated, “my first thought when I heard the promotion of the event was that it would be just one more meeting, but at that time the Holy Spirit spoke with me to persuade me to listen to the voice of the unreached through a Korean believing brother.” The pastor continued,” It was exciting to hear the call to evangelism and discipleship of someone from a culture different from those who traditionally speak to us. I was inspired and challenged again to participate in reaching the unreached with the Gospel.” Pastor Arturo couldn't have imagined that he was going to sit at the same table with Pil Hun and that they were going to share in good conversation during breakfast and throughout the event.
“With simplicity but a lot of depth, we saw challenges and tendencies of the current world and the Biblical basis that drives us to persevere in mobilizing ourselves to reach people with the gospel. 
One key aspect that we are seeing is a digital generation and although it can be difficult to see them connected to a cell phone, they are people who have a digital community where they share their hearts. Knowing this, creativity and passion will open opportunities to reach the world, because satellite television and cell phones are everywhere,” said Pastor Andrade, who also praised OM for the time management, promotional videos and little details of the event. Also in attendance was Pastor Ricardo Castillo, of the ICCC of the Chicó borough, Nidian Ester Estrada, president of the ICCC of Colombia, and Pastor Myrian Crawford of the Central Philadelphia Church.
In the end, Pastor Arturo expressed being thankful for this event, as he was called and challenged to mobilize his congregation to go to the least reached.

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