Help in the aftermath: Freetown family facility

When a fuel tanker exploded on 5 November in Freetown, 149 people died and more than 100 were injured.

Katie Milazzo (USA) and Jonathon Donoghue (Ireland), from the non-governmental All For One Foundation, stepped in to support the people affected and helped to identify those who had lost their lives.

As the couple were still busy with the aftermath of the explosion, Logos Hope crewmembers saw an opportunity to help them continue their work. Once open, Katie and Jonathon’s own foundation will be able to serve over 600 families. Its aim is to ensure that less-advantaged children not only remain with their families, but that those families are offered a chance to thrive. The foundation works with them practically and offers advice on financial planning, employment applications and much more.

It will also offer daycare to allow single parents to work. Even though the facility is not fully open yet, the organisation currently helps 23 individuals, including three children living there for interim care.

Logos Hope crewmembers were eager to support the foundation practically: they helped get facilities ready by painting the building and doing carpentry projects. They also helped to give out food donations to people affected by the explosion.

When passers-by saw the volunteers painting a gate, they thanked them for helping in their community. Max Albornoz (Argentina) says, “I think this was the greatest testimony we could give to people around us, as we have no link to the community, but we showed up to serve.”

Mechi Berti (Argentina) says, “It was incredible to be part of this project… My highlight was when one man came to ask why we were working for free, and when we explained to him that we are volunteers coming to Sierra Leone to help the community, he said that it was an example for the youth. The chance to interact with kids while I was outside painting the gate was also amazing.”

Thankful for the partnership with Logos Hope, Katie says, “We are beyond grateful for their generosity, openness and willingness to serve. It has been a true joy to have them here each day. They have been eager to help, connect with our clients, and have given us all an extra smile along the way. We are incredibly humbled by their support, as Logos Hope is helping get us even closer to opening our facility fully.”

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