The 2018 MDT program is nearing one month of learning and serving in Romania. Soon they will head back to Moldova for their next module of teaching, but it is clear that the time spent here in Romania has been a powerful one.

While here, they quickly got over any fears of evangelism by jumping into a short outreach on the very popular ski and snowboard slopes near Brasov. They shared their testimonies, the story of the Good News and prayed for many Romanians as well as foreign tourists from all around the world. It was a wonderful time when they could really see God working as they stepped out of their comfort zones.

This experience set up the participants well as they moved into learning all about the theology of the Gospel. They then learned many ways to share with people, using different tools for more impact.

They were also handed one big “tool” – teamwork – as they prepared to go on their first long outreach. The participants had to spend a few days together in the wilderness, in the midst of the Romanian mountains, surrounded by a lot of snow and nothing else but trees. They had a very intense learning experience together, which ultimately led to much growth and improved group unity.


The participants are now in their second week of outreach in the South of Romania. By the time they return, they will have served in four villages in one of the least reached areas of Romania. They have done things like: running childrens programs nearly everyday, including Rroma children, doing the very first outreaches in a village with only 2 believers, doing some medical check-ups as some of our participants have medical background, and much more. Especially things like working with children and visiting people in their homes have been powerful experiences. 

This past month has surely been an amazing time of learning much more about living in a new culture and serving sacrificially in that culture. It will be an amazing base as they continue on to the second half of the program.

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