Let's dance!

The heart of the Ship Ministry is in connecting with people. In Valletta, the capital of Malta, crewmembers found a creative way to both entertain onlookers and start conversations with them: Around 15 crewmembers – dressed in their national costumes – performed a ‘Flash Mob’ (a street dance choreography suddenly performed in a public place) in two well-visited locations in the city.

Momo Sim (South Korea) had never been part of a Flash Mob before. She says, “I really enjoyed it. To our surprise, some people even wanted to be part of our performance! I think our dance was very effective in showing Logos Hope's uniqueness — we're from 60 different countries, which we could express through different costumes and a mixed dance group. We wanted to get quick and effective attention of the people and we definitely made it!

“I wore a Korean costume and people were really interested in it: They asked me to take photos with them and afterwards they wanted to talk with me. We also encouraged people to visit Logos Hope and offered to pray with people, which they welcomed.”

Although he was nervous during the practices, Dennis Arevalo (Ecuador) had a great time during the live performances. He says, “What I liked the most was what happened afterwards: we started to have conversations with spectators. My highlight without a doubt, was a couple with whom I talked and then prayed for. There were also people who cried when we prayed for them in our heart languages Korean, Spanish and English. It was a very special moment and we could see the love of God in all of it.

Hannah Berghamar (Denmark) explains, “The audience were curious to know more about us… I feel that the goal of this day was to make good connections, to reach out and to be good examples of God’s love.”

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