Living and engaging in a Muslim community

Ruslan*, a former drug addict, found Jesus in Siberia. He went through the OM disciple training centre and studied at the local seminary. He knows his freedom in Christ and wants to share this with the least reached.

About one and a half years ago, Ruslan and his family moved from Siberia to live and serve among a local people group in the Caucasus. This is one of the least-reached Islamic people groups in Russia; 99.99 per cent of the people have never engaged with the gospel. They have heard about Christianity but have never been introduced to Jesus. Ruslan desires to be light for these people who are living in darkness. He and his family live and engage with the local people through business, sport and hospitality.

Ruslan shares about his ministry. “I have gotten to know Amin*, who is a Muslim. I met him in the sports club. He offered to coach me in the gym, which I gladly accepted. This went very well, and we started to share a bit more about our lives. Recently I was able to offer him some work through my company. This has made our relationship grow. Every time when we meet, I share informally, but intentionally, a Bible story with him. Mostly from the Old Testament because these stories connect better with people within the Islamic context. I pray that our friendship can develop so that one day we might be able to read the Bible together, and I would be able to share the full gospel with him.”

Ruslan uses his connections at the crossroads of his life to share about Jesus. Whether through his business contacts or with the hairdresser. He invites them to his home and shares stories of the Old Testament. When people appear to be open for a spiritual conversation, he shares his personal testimony, and, eventually, Ruslan invites them to study the holy Scriptures together.  

Jesus’ examples of love and respect are key principles in Ruslan’s approach. He wants to engage with the local people on a personal and cultural level. He wants to become like them by learning their language, eating their food, going to the gym and showing them hospitality as they have shown it to him.

Please pray for Ruslan that his relationships with people in the community would grow, and that he would be able to share the full gospel of Jesus Christ with these people. Please pray that more Russian Christians like Ruslan would stand up and go to the least reached!

*Name changed for security

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