“How do I discover how God can use me?”

“I believe God is calling me to long-term mission – how can I get myself ready?”

“I want to think about my faith before going to university.”


These were the questions asked by the Mission Discipleship Training (MDT) students in their preparation for OM United Kingdom’s pilot MDT programme at the start of 2018. A long-established OM programme around the world, MDT is a launch pad for Christians exploring discipleship and longer-term mission opportunities. Whether preparing for ministry around the world, or basic skills to use in their everyday life within their home communities, MDT helps Christians confidently reflect their faith. MDT UK, based at OM’s Training Centre in Birmingham is no different. Focusing on cross-cultural mission in an urban context, our pilot students were thrown in the cultural deep end – sharing the centre with international English language students and volunteers from France, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, Switzerland, and Taiwan. However, they were soon ready to worship, celebrate and learn together.




Together, the students engaged in a wide range of subjects which impacted head, heart, and hands.

– They explored the Bible to discover the story of God’s mission in the world from Genesis to Revelation.


  • They received practical tools for evangelism from experienced mission personnel.
  • They discovered their own identity in Christ as they explored the significance of the cross.
  • They experienced different cultures and the importance of sharing the Gospel in culturally relevant ways.
  • They discovered the importance of spiritual disciplines for a deeper life with God.
  • They engaged with the opportunities and challenges of mission in urban contexts.
  • They understood themselves more fully as they explored personalities, gifts, community and calling.


Throughout the programme, students were involved with short-term outreaches in London and Manchester as well as weekly mission placements in Birmingham. They served with a clothing outreach to the homeless and worked alongside a local church in a Muslim majority area of Birmingham where they joined in with a Discovery Bible Study for men. Here they also helped run a children’s holiday club and participated in a drop-in seeking to support and encourage ladies through bible-based storytelling and craft activities. “We loved the team’s positive attitude, their willingness to do whatever was asked of them and the way they worked together,” affirmed the pastor. “They have been a real asset.”


David discovered confidence in speaking and sharing his faith – after a lifelong challenge of Selective Mutism. D spent the summer volunteering with OM at Global Village and is exploring ways of serving God within OM.


Luke had to face up to some shadows from the past and discovered more about ways that God can use his story to demonstrate God’s rescuing love. L hopes to serve long-term with OM in the future but is spending next year working at a Christian activity centre in Scotland.


Scott has an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis. He wanted to deepen his faith and learn personal independence before heading to university. S achieved both and is very open to serving in mission after university. S served at Soul Survivor this summer.


Ava having already graduated from university, wanted to refocus on discipleship and is now actively exploring ways of taking her studies further. A volunteered with OM’s Kids ‘N’ Things ministry this summer.


* Names changed



MDT UK’s next student intake is January 2019.


Students will join OM UK for three-months of intensive training prior to an international two-month mission placement in Europe, Asia or here in the UK. Do you know someone looking to explore their next steps with God? Find out more: here


Get a flavour of MDT on their Instagram


MDT UK is for you if…


  • You have committed your life to Christ and desire to see lives transformed by the Gospel
  • You have a desire to grow in your knowledge and experience of God
  • You are committed to learning and serving
  • You have been sent by your home Church
  • You are willing to adjust and be flexible to different experiences and cultures
  • You are a team player, willing to learn and grow alongside others
  • You are willing to subscribe to the core values of OM
  • You are willing to subscribe to 100% participation in the life of MDT
  • You are willing to abide by the guidelines set out by OM UK and the leaders of MDT
  • You possess intermediate English language skills (for conversation, reading, teaching comprehension and the writing of assignments)
  • You have completed your education to GCSE level (or equivalent) or higher
  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • No previous missions experience needed

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