Meeting the world in one place

More than 300 people call Logos Hope their home, even though they come from 65 different countries. Since they speak different languages, wear different styles of cultural clothing and traditionally use different methods of eating, to name only a few differences, you may find yourself asking the question: What is it that keeps all of them united and brings them joy?

To answer this question, as well as to introduce people from the Canary Island to some of the crew’s nationalities and cultures, the event “Meet The World” took place on board in the port of Las Palmas.

Event team member Nidhin Sebastian (India) explained the concept of the event: “A traveler is looking for an answer to the question of where joy is found, and she, alongside the audience, gets to learn about different cultures through different performances, including percussion performances, Pacifica dance, an African choir, Korean fan dance and a Caribbean dance. Through this, they come to understand that the crew’s joy comes from knowing Jesus.”

Vistor Zelta said, “It was great. I liked every part of it. I might be a little biased, because I am a Ghanaian, but I liked the African dance the most.”

The 40 crewmembers performing on stage made sure that the visitors not only watched, but also enjoyed cultural experiences first-hand. A spicy noodle eating competition with participants who could only use chopsticks to finish off the noodles, was fun for both the visitors and Korean crewmembers. The competitors assured the rest of the audience that the noodles were indeed spicy, while the winner was glad that he could treat his tongue immediately with the chocolate he won.

After the event, the crewmembers engaged with the audience who also had the opportunity to try on traditional costumes, try out using chopsticks and play different instruments before they left the ship, taking many memories from different parts of the world back home, without even having to leave the island.

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