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New Dad Jordan shares his experiences

In this Servant Spotlight we pay tribute to all the dads around the world by featuring one of our new fathers on the field, Jordan.

First-time dad Jordan sees things differently now that he has an 8-month old son. Jordan is part of the OM family, seconded to work with a partner ministry in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.

Becoming a father has helped Jordan gain a greater understanding of the depth of God’s love for His creation.

“I loved my son the first moment I saw him without him doing or saying anything. I now understand (as much as I humanly can) the love God has for His creation.”

Jordan, with his wife and son, work in ministry to help rescue and restore trafficked women who are being commercially exploited in sex tourist bars.

The majority of the women our ministry interacts with, have children. The fathers of their children are rarely around and are commonly from overseas or are abusive nationals. Their view of men, husbands and fathers is warped beyond our understanding.

“Simply interacting with my wife and son in a loving way in front of them, hopefully reflects healthy Christ-centered relationships. We love because Christ loved us first,” Jordan says.

Jordan’s life in the Philippines is not without its challenges but he gets to encounter God’s love by serving people and creating unique memories with his son, like chasing chickens and picking mangoes that hang in the streets.

Whether it’s seeing girls rescued from slavery or enjoying the simple things in life, Jordan is increasingly aware that God’s love reaches far beyond what we can imagine.

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