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New-Found Courage

The Riverboat project is born out of a desire to see a fresh approach to mobilise tens of thousands of people to live out a missional lifestyle, aiming to see vibrant communities among the least reached. More than 70 volunteers who are passionate about sharing the gospel and mobilising churches are on board. The pilot project is taking place from January to March 2018 and travelling to ports in Arnhem, Dordrecht, Bonn, Mainz, Strasbourg and Mannheim.


The Agency has been officially opened to the public for less than a week, and approximately 250 participants have already gone through the experience. Many teenagers are coming in their youth groups, and community members have been very encouraged by the enthusiasm.

Community member, Sandra Jagroep (Netherlands), is thoroughly enjoying her job as a debriefer. “It’s the best job,” she said excitedly. “The debriefer has the chance to clarify things about The Agency; we can help give meaning to it and guide the participants to understand the point of it.”   

During the debriefing, participants have the space and guidance to process the experience. “When I was going through a dark tunnel, I was reminded of my dark past,” one teenage boy shared. “But holding onto the bar was like holding onto God. I felt Him leading me, I will never forget this.” Another girl shared, “I realised it’s impossible for us to get out of the rooms unless we follow God’s voice. We need Him so much.”

Part of the experience is going onshore to share the gospel with others. For many of the participants, it’s something they have never dared to do. “It was the first time I have ever explained the gospel to someone,” a 14-year-old shared. “I’m surprised I could do it and actually, I think I did pretty well!”

After the debriefing, participants are given an interactive booklet containing of the gospel of John, where they can scan the pages and watch related videos on an app. Some youths decided to take an extra one to give to a friend, motivated with their new-found courage to share the gospel. One boy even asked, “Is there an escape room for non-christians on board too?”

Please pray for more bookings for The Agency, especially during the weekdays.

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