In January 2018, a group of OMers visited Carrillo Marcor, a small farming village on the northern coast of Mexico. The purpose of the trip was to serve alongside the local church however the team was surprised when they arrived to find the church nearly abandoned with only two active members and the pastor who was very depressed and discouraged. In that moment the purpose of the trip changed to focusing on strengthening the spirit of the pastor and creating relationships with the community. The team prayed for the church leaders and worked in the church that weekend. After they left, the outreach leader stayed in constant contact with the pastor; always encouraging him to go ahead with the work.

Three months later, the team returned and found that the church had grown to include 20 members and had also started meeting in a church member's house during the week. 

The OM team spent a weekend staying with the people and praying for them. One night there was a house meeting with 15 adults. It was a night where the power of God manifested itself and several non-Christians repented of their sins and others were liberated from strongholds that they had been struggling with for years.

“I was very impressed to see strong, tough men breaking [down] in front of everyone, watching them cry and being released from their chains was amazing…we witnessed the power of God,” said Jason, a volunteer with OM Mexico.

The seed of the gospel was first sown years ago in this town by a former OMer and God continues to work through inexperienced young people in the hands of God.

This small town has a population of 1,500 people, and the majority of the work comes from the surrounding agricultural fields; however poverty, drug addiction and alcoholism have a strong presence and hold on the people. 

Please pray that God brings a revival and restoration to the families of this town. Pray that the community of believers in Carrillo Marcor will continue to grow and the community will be transformed. Pray also for the OM team that is providing follow-up and discipleship in the local church. 

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