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No dream is too big for God

This Servant Spotlight highlights a man named Gustavo who explores his passion for mission and his love of design in the Arabian Peninsula.

No dream is too big for God. Central American architect, Gustavo, discovers this when he journeys with God, investigating how to combine a professional career on mission in the Arabian Peninsula.

For three years Gustavo wanted to go to the Arabian Peninsula. An architect by trade, he became a Christian at the age of 20, during his final year of college, and felt God was leading him there to work. He started looking for a job but the logistics seemed so overwhelming.

“I thought it was crazy. I didn’t have enough money. So at that time, I closed that dream and I forgot about it,” he recalled.

Little by little, God’s unique timing made it possible as things slotted into place and Gustavo met people who inspired him to respond to God’s call. Gustavo’s experience culminated in a short-term prayer journey to the Arabian Peninsula, arranged by OM.

“We prayed everywhere we went. I met a lot of Christian families living and working there—even others from Latin America. One of the Latino workers shared with me things I need in order to prepare for long-term work there: how to share from the Bible, how to prepare for the workplace, things like that.”

Gustavo’s prayer journey has fanned into flame the dream that sparked years ago. Now he is waiting on God to see what’s next, willing and excited to see how God will use his skill as an architect for His glory.

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