Providing community support

Logos Hope crewmembers helped a community in Monrovia through free services including eyesight testing and providing glasses, distributing water purifiers and other projects.

Reverend Lincoln Y. Klee enthuses, “The Logos Hope team who have been here in this community for the past week have done extremely well. They handed out water filters so that people won’t get sick and can avoid diarrhoea and dysentery. Logos Hope is a firm partner to the community and to Liberia as a whole. I wish the crew would stay forever!”

Jan Streitenberger was part of the team who distributed water purifiers to those in need of clean drinking water. He explains, “I come from a country in which I don’t have to worry about the water quality, and I understand now that this is a privilege. I am really happy that I can help people here by giving out the water purifiers so they as well can have access to clean water and don’t get sick anymore because they have to rely on contaminated wells or rivers for their water supply. The recipients rejoiced greatly.”

Another opportunity to support the community was through distributing clothes, school material, backpacks and over 500 books to schools, and by Logos Hope teachers giving training to almost 50 local teachers.

Training participant Joshua Kolli says, “I learned new things [such as] the different types of learning. For me personally, the training was very important and I will live with that [new knowledge] for the rest of my life. It will be a very big improvement for me and it will help other schools [through] the other teachers in the community, too.”

Logos Hope Head Teacher Jan Arrowsmith (England) and her colleagues, all from different corners in the world, were excited to both learn from their local colleagues and to teach them in some training techniques such as interactive learning styles, and some early-years music and movement activities. She says, “Not everyone has the same advantage and so we wanted to make our training accessible to those who might not have as many resources as we have. It will give them more tools to be able to teach more effectively. I see education as a gift that we can share. And if we could give that gift to others, then it's an incredible gift to give.”

If you are interested in being part of the water filter project, click here:

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