Returning to our home port

Logos Hope has arrived in Malta, which marks the 12th visit to the island nation with the organisation’s four ships over the last 51 years, and the second of Logos Hope, returning to her port of registry.

At the official opening, Captain James Berry (UK) explained, “Valletta is the ship’s home port, it is registered here in Malta and has Valletta painted on the back. We are so excited and so happy to be here in Malta, which is such a special country with a unique location and such a vast and unique history.”

Then he revealed that it’s not only a special return, but also a special day, saying, “Today happens to be the anniversary day of when the ship was first registered in Malta 11 years ago, on the 13th of July!”

Guest of honour, former president Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, said, “I am truly delighted to be here this morning and to welcome the MV Logos Hope and its international crew… I am informed that the group does all this work on a voluntary basis… Dear crewmembers, you are truly an inspiration to us all… and I am truly honoured to be part of this [official opening]. It is indeed a celebration of kindness and respect to humankind and a manifestation of what volunteering by giving… part of your lives to the well-being of others means. Thinking and caring for others is the most amazing and precious value.

“[The bookfair] is an undoubtedly amazing source of knowledge for those who seek it and the access of literature will offer many opportunities for personal development and acquisition of wisdom. May the events you have on board and on shore including seminars and conferences for leaders, men, women, young people and children provide a new emphasis for change and peaceful communities.

“I can identify with the amazing vision and mission of Logos Hope in terms of extending an equal opportunity for knowledge through creating accessible reading, of promoting peace when raising and celebrating human diversity and of encouraging and empowering people towards a purposeful and meaningful life.”

The former president officially opened Logos Hope’s bookfair, which is now open to the people in Malta from Tuesday – Friday and Sunday from 3pm to 10pm and Saturday from 10am – 1pm and 3pm to 10pm until 31, July 2022. Entrance: 1 Euro.

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