Stepping Out

Every Sunday, several teams go from the OM Riverboat to speak in church services, encouraging others to serve God in missions. While most people would consider a risk-free life to be a happy life, community member, Richard Sharp (USA) says, “The happiest people are those who step out of the box.”

Being comfortable in our little “box” is not God’s purpose for us. He wants us to step out, “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). “We like boxes, don’t we?” joked Richard as he preached to a local church in Arnhem. “We eat out of a box, we buy McDonald’s meal boxes, you get the drift.” Being in a box and depending on ourselves for security hinders us from discovering God’s purposes and blessings.

More importantly, the church must first be an out-of-the-box church, Richard emphasised as he preached from Acts 13 and challenged the church to be one that sends people off and doesn’t hold people back. He invited church members to visit the Riverboat and step out of the box together with him on evangelistic walks.

“Our church is not going to be the same after your message,” one man said to Richard after the service. The following week, he and his wife joined Richard on a walk and they shared the gospel with four people. They were surprised at the results because of their willingness to step out.

Gyongyi Legradi (Hungary), who has been serving with OM for five years, also encouraged a congregation in Dordrecht through her mission testimony. Due to her low self-esteem previously, she didn’t think that God could use her and developed excuses not to go on missions. However, as she made steps to follow the leading of God, God shaped her and provided her with the skills. “Today, I can stand in front of a crowd and share confidently in both Hungarian and English, something I could never imagine.”

One of the aims of the OM Riverboat is to encourage Christians to live out a missional lifestyle. May Christians in Europe rise up in courage to journey out of the box and discover God’s purposes for them.

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