Tending a church plant in Western Turkey

In 2015 a tiny church was founded in Tekirdağ a few hours outside Istanbul. At the end of 2017 seven people from the OM team in Istanbul travelled there to help because it was struggling to grow. The church is registered and has a small building in the city centre, but there were only about 10 people at the Sunday services.

The church leader who oversees this new church from the mother church in Istanbul is apprehensive about the church's future, “What they really need is for a mature family to move in here and provide stable leadership.”

The team spent two days witnessing to many dozens of students at the nearby university, and set up a book table in front of the church to invite passers-by.

The shop owners close to the church were very friendly. Some came and served tea and others offered some of the food they were eating. These were open-minded people who seemed genuinely proud to have a church open on their street.

One lady they spoke to at the book table was overjoyed to discover there was a church in her city. In the past she had travelled the two hours to Istanbul several times, just to be able to attend one of the churches there. “I definitely want to attend regularly here,” she told them.

While the team was visiting, twelve new people came along to either the Saturday evening film showing or Sunday service that the church held. Three of them expressed interest in attending regularly and discovering more about Jesus! Praise God that the team’s visit resulted in the congregation growing by almost half!

Please pray for this small church and the many others like it to grow and impact the lives of the lost. Jesus would say to this strategically-placed group of his followers, “Let your light shine out to the people of the city. I have made you a light to the people, don't hide the light, but let your love and your good deeds shine, so that the people of Tekirdağ will see God's glory!”* 
*Matt 5:14-16

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