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Thanksgiving for a Latin American harvest

As Logos Hope approaches the end of her two-year voyage around Latin America, leaders of Operation Mobilisation in Central and South American countries have gathered on board to share how they have seen God work through the vessel and her crewmembers.

The evening of thanksgiving began with the news that over two million people have visited the ship on this tour, with thousands having pledged to pray for least-reached people who have yet to hear the gospel. Logos Hope and OM in Latin America's goal of mobilising 2,000 Latinos to consider mission service has yielded enquiries from far in excess of that number so far. 

Alex and Julie Paniagua (Costa Rica) were among leaders from partner organisations who were on board for the special event. The couple reflected on the ways they had seen God’s hand; both in the year they spent living on board with their family and through the year that has followed. Alex and Julie invited OM leaders from several countries to stand as the ship’s crewmembers prayed for them and their ongoing work.

“We already see people going to the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, but we want to see more,” said Alex. “Let us pray together for help with the follow-up with thousands of people [who've expressed interest in mission]. It is by His grace that we are doing this,” he added, as he and his wife invited the audience to lift their voices in prayer.

Margot Pira (France) has been on board for 21 months and joined the ship in the country Logos Hope began her visit to Latin America: Colombia. Reflecting on her journey through Mexico, Central and South America, Margot said, “When I first came aboard, I thought that our work would be sharing the gospel with people. I hadn't grasped the concept of mobilising those who already are believers. I didn’t understand why we visited churches, as people were already Christians there.

“I came to see that it's by mobilising believers that the work will be done in the heart of Latin America. In the churches we visited, we could feel the Holy Spirit and we could feel that hearts were being moved.” Margot says, “Only God has the big picture, but I have seen lives being changed. If you invest time in a few people, they will invest time in others and the harvest will be plentiful.”

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