The lack of libraries (or even one library for that matter) in Mocuba inspired OM Mozambique to build one themselves in order to support the local schools, university and churches.

Submitting a proposal, they began looking for a location. After considering the possibility of renting a building, the team were advised to build the library themselves in order to ensure that it would remain.

The city gave land to the team in order for them to be able to begin work. It is even only a short distance from the main road. The library building consists of two offices, two open rooms for people to read and study, as well as the cataloguing room that holds all the books. Not only will the building house the stories and information for the whole area, the property will also be home to “Tabitha”. This is the name given to a skills training programme that enables women to provide for themselves and their households through sewing and tailoring.

The library will to provide locals with the opportunity to educate themselves. It will motivate children to read.  The community will finally have the opportunity to transform lives through education.

But it is not without its challenges.

“The activity of reading is hard for (Mozambican people),” explained OM worker Arnaldo, head of the library project.  Nevertheless, “(We want) people coming to read at the library and being helped in their interests, their school work and their ministries. Seeing people reading and getting something from the books; that is the project impact. People being transformed, and their way of thinking transformed.”

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