The Hand at Work

Getting the point.

That’s the biggest joy for community members working at The Agency when hearing comments like “You need to depend on God for everything, you can’t get out without His guidance”, “With a new-found identity, I thought I had power but I quickly realised I still failed” and “God’s voice is a guide for us”.

They get it.

It is definitely a morale booster when the message of The Agency is driven across. Feedback from participants has proven to be largely positive, many describing it as educational and thought-provoking. This powerful way of communication through simulation has deeply impacted young people especially teenagers. Two 13-year-old boys were almost in tears during their debrief. “I don’t have any excuse, I’ve got to tell my friends about Jesus,” they shared. The experience has increased their confidence to share their faith with others. Another 19-year-old boy shared that he has been motivated to join the Logos Hope, an ocean-sailing OM ship.

Although The Agency was aimed at a younger audience, the age range of participants has been much wider than expected. One man in his mid-fifties was so challenged by the experience to do more for God, he said “I have to get home and start re-evaluating my whole life.” Debriefing with the older age group can lead to deep discussions on how to lead a life reflecting God. “Sharing the gospel should be our natural response, it is a part of life,” another mid-aged woman reflected. “I realised it doesn’t have to be difficult, I just have to share my story!”

Despite this, there are some who find the escape room confusing. Through debriefing, they are guided in the thinking process and are able to see how it all fits together. Regardless of whether they leave with a question, an answer, or a new mission – God’s hand is at work.



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