Timely Encouragements

Three Christian women came onboard one afternoon to experience The Agency and left feeling encouraged and affirmed about God’s plan in their lives.

One of them, who is involved in Children’s ministry in her church, shared that she sometimes doubts her efforts and the value of her work. “Through the escape room experience and especially the onshore segment, I’m once again reminded of why I am serving,” she said. “This is God’s ministry and it is my part to serve His people and ‘wash their feet’.”

Another woman was very inspired and immediately encouraged her husband to come and experience it for himself too. Her husband, Pastor Stefan, leads a small village state church of few members and had been feeling discouraged by the state of the church. On hearing his wife’s account of the Riverboat, he changed the original plan of his confirmation class group and decided to visit the Riverboat with them instead.

They ended up having an amazing time in The Agency and continued staying onboard to chat for two hours after. His students learnt so much about trusting God and sharing His love to others through the experience. “It was a real challenge for me to share the Gospel with someone I didn't know. But I did it, I even had to do it in English – and it actually worked!” said one teenage boy with new-found confidence.  Another teenage girl said, “It was a very challenging experience and I was nervous at some parts, but it was so much fun!”

For Pastor Stefan himself, the experience was thrilling and he felt an adrenalin rush each time he went into a new room. “As a Pastor, I know the message and concept that The Agency is trying to tell,” he reflected. “However, the stimulation exercise makes it practical and real for me.” He was most impacted by one of the rooms where there are lots of noises. Through that, he learnt to be still and hear the quiet voice of God through the chaos. He has been encouraged during his time onboard with a new wave of motivation to continue serving faithfully for God.


The Riverboat project is born out of a desire to see a fresh approach to mobilise tens of thousands of people to live out a missional lifestyle, aiming to see vibrant communities among the least reached. More than 70 volunteers who are passionate about sharing the gospel and mobilising churches are on board. The pilot project is taking place from January to March 2018 and travelling to ports in Arnhem, Dordrecht, Bonn, Mainz, Strasbourg and Mannheim.

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