Adriana *, a member of OM Colombia, completed the School of Transcultural Communication and Missions (ECTM in Spanish) in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 2017. She returned to her native Colombia later that year and joined the team during the IV Congress of Missions of the Ibero-American Missionary Cooperation (COMIBAM in Spanish) whose theme was “With Jesus in Mission”. She was an active part of the OM Latin America Leaders meetings, and the visit of Logos Hope to Colombia in the role of Data Administrator.  She studies electronic engineering and taken a break from her studies as she does training to reach the “least reached.”

During her time at the ECTM, the Lord put a particular passion in her heart for the least reached people, which led her to pray and seek an opportunity to train herself to be able to go to that area of the world in the future. During the Logos Hope's three month visit in Colombia, from December 2017 to February 2018, Adriana realized her need to improve her English to be able to serve in multicultural world contexts.

To do so, in August 2018, she went to ELCO (English Language Cultural Opportunities), in Great Britain, a ministry of learning and strengthening of English and cross-cultural ministry training. This is in a place near the city of Birmingham, where hundreds of thousands of people reside, who have not yet been reached by the message of love of Jesus. There she had the opportunity to talk to individuals who live on the street in a community dining room. She had a great conversation with one man in particular, Tony, 66, and shared about her best friend, Jesus. Adriana prays for more opportunities like this during training so that when she leaves, she will be fully trained, ready and directed by the Lord to go to whichever town, tribe, language or nation among the “least reached” that he calls her to. 

* Name changed for security reasons.

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