‘For after many days you will find it again’

Around 70 new joiners to Logos Hope have been completing the necessary basic seafaring training at Nassau’s Adventure Learning Centre, a Christian-based camp offering an outdoor education programme, which was founded in 1993 by the ship’s director, Randy Grebe and his wife, Kim (USA).

The Grebes lived and served on New Providence, The Bahamas for seventeen years are well-known locally for having invested in the lives of thousands of young people during the course of their outreach. With the book ships also being valued for their input to communities over decades, a member of the government came aboard to thank and encourage Logos Hope’s crewmembers. Dr Kenneth Romer, Executive Director of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, shared his personal story.

Dr Romer told the audience: “As a little boy who grew up in a really poor area, a son of a single mother, having trouble not knowing my direction and purpose in life, I had the wonderful opportunity to step on board the vessel Logos one Friday evening, to join a youth event in the port of Nassau. There, I saw something in others from around the world who did not look like me and speak like me. I saw books that spoke of a different way of life. With the little money I had, I bought some books and those, together with the welcoming feeling on board, really transformed my life. I came to faith in Christ and since then, I have had the chance to serve God in many different areas.”

The Bahamian read Scripture from Ecclesiastes 11:1, ‘Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again’ and said, “It doesn’t make sense to cast bread upon the water because of the vastness of the ocean, which is sometimes really turbulent, and because of the smallness of the bread. And despite all, this Ship Ministry travelled around the world, saw many waters and cast much bread upon them, not knowing what would happen after they depart; since often the fruits of the work remain unacknowledged.”

Referring to himself and encouraging the volunteers in continuing to invest in other people’s lives, the globally recognised leadership coach, trainer and speaker who leads over 8,000 employees in the tourism sector – but sees himself as primarily an ambassador of the kingdom of God – declared that his visit to Logos had impacted his life and influenced who he has become. “The bread has now returned after many days, because somebody sowed bread. The bread has now come back on board this vessel.”

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