“There's always something special about a first visit!”

Since 1970, our ships have made over 50 port visits in Spain, but only one to the port city of Ceuta, a Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa. Logos II – the vessel that Logos Hope replaced – visited in 2006. Now, at the end of June, Logos Hope has docked at the port of Ceuta for the first time in her history.

Director Randy Grebe (USA) says, “I don't think any one of our 300 crew members have ever been here… [My wife and I] have been to many countries of the world, a number of those countries we've been back to again and again — but there's always something special about a first visit! And now I add you to the list – now I have been in Ceuta!”

Addressing the fact that the city is home to a mixed ethnic and religious population due to its special location, Chief Mate Ionut Vlad (Romania) says, “Thank you for welcoming us in such a great place of cultural and historical heritage… Here we are — our diverse team on board Logos Hope meeting the diverse community in Ceuta. On both sides with good intentions the outcome can only be a good one, so at the end of our visit we may look back and see the great things that we achieve together.”

Minister of Education and Culture, Carlos Rontomé, explains, “Ceuta is a different city. It is in the middle of two continents, the middle of two civilizations… Historically it’s been a passing place, but it is also a meeting place. Ceuta is a city in which coexistence is a main value. Ceuta is like this ship: many cultures, people from different backgrounds, living altogether in a small space.

“Thank you for coming. I believe the [description] of this ship doesn’t fully do it justice… It is way more than just the largest floating bookfair in the world. It’s clear that this project has a huge humanitarian and spiritual impact. The city of Ceuta is delighted and very grateful with your visit. We wish you the best during your time here.”

The minister officially opened Logos Hope’s bookfair, which is now open to the people in Ceuta from Monday – Saturday from 10am to 1pm and 6pm to 10pm and Sunday from 6pm to 10pm until July 7, 2022. Entrance: 1 Euro.

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