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Loving our neighbours can take different forms. Rachel Aranez discusses different ways she has seen this put into practice through her 10 weeks of serving with OM Myanmar. 

Recognising and responding to a need is one way we can love our neighbour. I saw this lived out in different forms in my 10 weeks with OM Myanmar last year.

OM Myanmar has a variety of ministries to bring God’s love to unreached people. Its sports ministry involves travelling around Myanmar at particular times throughout the year, making connections and sharing the Good News with people through its sporting events.

The kindergarten ministry places emphasis not only on children’s academic needs, but also on nurturing their understanding and love for Jesus. Orphanage visits have been made regularly for many years and over time, OM team members have built solid, trusting relationships with staff and children.

The AIDSLink ministry began three years ago, as God stirred the hearts of particular people with the burden to provide information and administer care to locals with this health issue. Team members have delivered much-needed workshops to church leaders and their communities.

I was primarily involved with teaching English to young adults. I enjoyed getting to know students outside of class hours, going out for meals and even cooking dinner. Cooking is not really my strong point, yet it’s amazing how God uses such circumstances to provide glimpses of His love to people.

To love is to seek and do the best for the life of another. Loving our neighbour can mean travelling for hours on the road to share the Good News to people who unify through sport. It’s using our gifts to serve those around us. It’s allowing God to work through our inadequacies and seeking Him for strength when we are tired and weak.

Loving our neighbour is looking past cultural barriers and stigmas. It is taking the time to get to know a person, to see and love him/her as God does. When we lack motivation and energy to do these things, it’s encouraging to look to God and the way He loves us. God saw man’s desperate need for a right relationship with Him. He responded by sending His Son Jesus, who left His home in heaven to come down to earth. Our need for love, forgiveness and hope was met through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. This is the message that spurs us on and the message that we want to pass on, as we love our neighbours.

Rachel Aranez

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