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04 MAY, 2015 | NEPAL

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After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Kathmandu in April, many houses were partially or totally destroyed. OM is working with Nepali church partners to respond to the massive need. Pray for OM Nepal teams to be helpful in the communities, and to take advantage of opportunities to share about the hope we have in Christ. Eun-a*, who has partnered with OM Nepal for five years, has a love for the Nepalese people that is rare. She never thought an earthquake would cause her to question her ministry.

She was in her home when the earthquake hit. Running outside, she met her neighbours who had gathered to support and comfort one another.

“The children were so scared, so I played with them,” Eun-a recalled. “God gave us a great time.”

But there was one young woman whom Eun-a didn’t know: a 20-year-old Nepalese lady, Laxmi*, who was staying with her uncle.

Eun-a and Laxmi got into conversation about the earthquake, and Laxmi made a comment that surprised Eun-a.

“This is really a sign of the end of days,” Laxmi said. “I think what the Bible says is true.”

Eun-a hadn’t shared her faith with Laxmi, but it was clear to Eun-a that Laxmi had been thinking about faith.

“I told her about God and creation,” Eun-a, said. “And we talked a lot about how God has a special plan for us.”

Over the course of the day the aftershocks continued and Eun-a became more anxious. Her house wasn’t safe to go back into, and she wasn’t sure where she was going to stay.

“I was scared, and I’d heard the OM Nepal team was going to our Training Centre,” she said. “I knew a team member could pick me up, and so I decided to go.”

But it wasn’t an easy decision for Eun-a. She had committed her life to serving the Nepalese people, and leaving her home to seek safety felt to her like she was abandoning the people she was there to serve.

“I felt like my previous five years of ministry were a failure,” she said.

On 27 April, two days after the earthquake, OM Nepal team members were sent back to their communities to check on their neighbours and minister to their communities.

After praying for an opportunity, Eun-a went back to her neighbourhood and found Laxmi.

“[I and another Christian lady] were praising the Lord in one house when she came in and joined us,” remembered Eun-a. “I was able to share with her again about God and His love for us and what He’s done for us.”

On that day, in the aftermath of the earthquake, Laxmi accepted Jesus as her Saviour. Eun-a will continue to meet with her, discipling her and helping her grow in her new faith.

“One thing I really realised during all of this is that God’s timing is perfect. And God’s thoughts are really different from our own,” Eun-a shared.

“I wasn’t faithful, but God was really faithful… People look and see this time of an earthquake as really terrible and a time of mourning, but when we see God’s work we’re able to be excited.”

*Name changed

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