At Least Once Bible Study - Hard Copy DVD & Guides


In this six week Bible Study, you or your group will begin by watching the full At Least Once documentary (included in the Bible Study pack). In the subsequent weeks, you will watch specially selected excerpts from the documentary that will facilitate discussion on the theme of that particular week.

Included in this resource is a Leader’s Guide that will assist the group leader in preparation for the discussion time. There is also a Participant’s Guide that can be distributed to each group member, with Scripture references, questions and space for them to take notes.

*Please note: this hard copy version of the Bible Study only contains 1 Participant’s Guide.

Included in this hard copy pack:

  • DVD presentation of the At Least Once documentary
  • Bible Study DVD with 6 x Bible Study Videos and the OM Narrative video
  • 1 x Bible Study Leader’s Guide booklet
  • 1 x Bible Study Participant’s Guide booklet

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