What costs more than money?

 In Refugee Crisis

What Costs more than Money?

My role at OM Australia is predominately focused on resourcing OM’s global relief, community development and justice projects. It’s an incredible privilege. The workload is heavy in terms of administration, but in many different ways the common focus is usually to suit donors with our projects. While you may think that because it is all in a day’s work that it would be an easy task for me, it is a role that I struggle with constantly. I stress that the relentless voice we speak to the public is a nagging one; that we’re always asking for your money. The poor will always be among us. And while our constant asking is justified by righteous reasons, as we’re not asking for ourselves, it is still hard. Especially knowing how to continue to communicate the needs so to encourage people to be generous. I continue to be challenged by the concept of generosity. Can I put this out there? Truthfully, I think that donating to good causes may be the easiest option for most.

In a recent newsletter, Richard Beaumont, CEO for Entrust foundation, wrote these very fitting words. “Being generous means very different things to different people.  If I have cash in my pocket but a full diary, giving money may be the easiest option. Sharing my time also has a big cost…As I think about Australia, I believe we are a generous nation, but we all have the capacity to do more.”

We have hosted an appeal for the refugee crisis before, to provide immediate relief to our neighbours in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. But the need is still overwhelmingly big. So we’re utilising our end of financial year appeal for this project again. Your donation to this project is tax deductible, so take advantage of that and give what you can. Or if you can donate your time, get in touch with us today to volunteer overseas. We need you. We promise you, that your giving of your time or money will benefit you the most in the long run.

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