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An important component of OM’s work is aid and relief. So many in our world live without the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and education and we believe that bringing God’s kingdom to earth involves a holistic approach to mission and development. OM focuses on field –led projects run by local OM team members to ensure that long term and sustainable development can take place.

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OM Near East
Refugee Relief


The United Nations estimates that there are currently 6.3 million internally displaced people within Syria and over 4 million refugees that have fled to neighbouring countries. They are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance with most struggling to access the basic necessities of life. Through local churches we are able to provide thousands of families with food packages, health, hygiene and medical assistance as well as winter packages to help them survive the harsh winter conditions. We are also able to train and financially support educators who are assisting the thousands of children no longer able to attend school as well as beginning an income generating project for women.

Project Freedom


Project Freedom is based at OM MTI’s ministry hub in Phnom Penh (the 'White House') and aims to support the vulnerable who are living in slum dwellings and surviving on minimal resources and money. Our social workers aim to improve the spiritual, mental and physical health of vulnerable groups in Cambodia, particularly families and children.

OM Bangladesh
Education Project


The adult literacy rate in Bangladesh averages at about 50%, and in rural districts that drops considerably. Amongst women it drops even further. Our work in schools reaches to distant village areas, often on the banks or on the islands of Bangladesh's huge rivers. In these area, school availability is limited and adult literacy is low. Many children do not start school and among those that do there is a 50% drop-out rate by class 5. This is usually to do with the need for the children to earn money. Our focus is the adults who have never been able to learn to read and write and the children who have not entered schools and now grown well beyond their class age.

Women and Youth


Equips women and youth with disabilities with the knowledge and skills to avoid exploitation and participate in their communities. The project aims to train women and youth in their legal rights, helping to protect them against exploitation and receive fair treatment. It also teaches them vital skills in English and self-worth to give them opportunities and confidence to take part in their local community

Central Asia
Disability Assistance


Aims to empower and unlock the potential of children with disabilities, their families and those who work with the child. Through a sustainable, community based rehabilitation approach so that the children and their families experience hope and human dignity and acceptance in their community.

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