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An important component of OM’s work is aid and relief. So many in our world live without the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and education and we believe that bringing God’s kingdom to earth involves a holistic approach to mission and development. OM focuses on field –led projects run by local OM team members to ensure that long term and sustainable development can take place.

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Refugee Crisis Appeal

Our Relief, Development and Justice department have some exciting changes coming soon. Watch this space!

OM Near East, Refugee Crisis Appeal

Over five years of war in Syria has brought much devastation and there is no end in sight. More than 250,000 have died and 11 million Syrians have been displaced. More than 4.5 million have fled the country and half of all Syrians no longer live in their own homes. There are now hundreds of thousands of internally displace peoples (IDPs) in the north (Kurdish region) of Iraq. Amidst such desperate circumstances our teams are supporting local communities in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. In these places, we are training and resourcing them to reach out to needy families in practical ways.

Hope For Bangladesh Appeal

The adult literacy rate in Bangladesh averages at about 50%, and in rural districts that drops considerably. Amongst women it drops even further. Our work in schools reaches to distant village areas, often on the banks or on the islands of Bangladesh's huge rivers. In these area, school availability is limited and adult literacy is low. Many children do not start school and among those that do there is a 50% drop-out rate by class 5. This is usually to do with the need for the children to earn money. Our focus is the adults who have never been able to learn to read and write and the children who have not entered schools and now grown well beyond their class age.

Nepal AIDSLink, Asha Diep

AIDSLink Nepal is working to help people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), providing support, medical treatment, counselling, and restoring hope. Children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS can also access educational funds to stay in school through a sponsorship program provided by AIDSLink Nepal.

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OM MTI, Project Freedom

Project Freedom is based at OM MTI’s ministry hub in Phnom Penh (the 'White House') and aims to support the vulnerable who are living in slum dwellings and surviving on minimal resources and money. Our social workers aim to improve the spiritual, mental and physical health of vulnerable groups in Cambodia, particularly families and children.

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OM Zambia, Project Hope

Project HOPE in Zambia focuses on creating educational support for orphaned and vulnerable children. Project HOPE has also implemented the construction of Homes of Hope for children in crisis and has community based development programs for these children and affected families.

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Central Asia, Community Development

Creating inclusive development projects for people with disabilities. Ensuring civil society partners are sensitised to the topic and disability-specific projects include livelihood and preventive health components.

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Central Asia, HIV/AIDS & Anti-trafficking

This project, hosted in the Central Asia region (exact location not disclosed for security reasons) run anti-trafficking workshops and HIV/AIDS awareness programs in partnership with local schools, colleges and universities.

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B4T, Myanmar

B4T’s mission is to engage, establish and empower a partnership of entrepreneurs and investors to maximise social, economic, environmental and spiritual transformation in communities. The businesses that are funded by B4T are established using a sustainable model, so that the project lifespan is continued by locals and with community ownership.

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OM Malawi, Sustainable Project

OM Malawi was able to drill a desperately needed borehole in a small village in Chisopi. This borehole now serves to provide clean water to the community.

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AIDSLink Zambia, Subilo (Hope) House Project

The Subilo House is a care centre for people living with HIV and AIDS. Many people do not have the proper support structures to help them through the first two to three weeks of starting their ARVs (HIV medication).

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OM Mozambique, Mocuba Library

Approximately half of the population of Mozambique live in poverty with the literacy rate at 50%. In 2016 OM Mozambique completed the construction of the first ever library in the city of Mocuba. This new library now facilitates reading and writing education and citizens are free to borrow books and have easy access to public computers and the internet – life changing!

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