Sri Lanka is reeling under the worst economic crisis since its independence in 1948.

The financial meltdown, coupled with an unstable government, has led to a state of emergency and its people struggling to survive.

High inflation and an inability to pay for crucial imports like food, fuel and medicine for its 22 million people highlight the country’s woes. Schools have closed, and people suffer from daily power cuts and acute food and medicines shortages.

OM is responding to this unprecedented economic crisis by focusing on families living below the poverty line in urban and rural areas. 

Through local churches and our network of volunteers, we plan to provide:

1. Immediate Food Relief

Our team is helping provide vegetables seeds, plants, fertiliser and resources for families so they can grow food for themselves and people in need in their communities.

This includes:

  • Dry ration food packs for 2500 families
  • Plant cultivation packs for 5000 families

2. Long Term Education Relief for kids missing school for over 4 years

In recent years, terrorist attacks, the global pandemic and now the current economic crisis have kept children away from school.

It’s estimated that only 30-40% of school children have had access to virtual learning.

Our team is developing a long term program focused on children with limited to no access to education, including:

  • Online learning support
  • Access to WiFi
  • Stationery and textbooks
  • Nutritious meals

Your tax deductible gift will help families get back on track and kids back to school.

Sri Lanka Crisis Response

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