5 reasons why YOU should join OM’s Ship Ministry

Logos Hope :: Join OM's Ship Ministry and see the difference it makes in YOUR life.

Thinking about joining OM’s Ship Ministry? Here’s why you should take a leap of faith!

#1 Serve God and people

Everyone in OM’s Ship Ministry is a volunteer. From the captains to the housekeepers, each person is supported financially and in prayer by family, friends and their church back home. They all share a heart for making a difference in the lives of other people. Most would agree that serving is both a humbling and a rewarding experience.

#2 Meet a growing need

Did you know that an estimated three billion people still haven’t heard about God’s love? And this number is increasing by approximately 60,000 people daily. That’s one football stadium full of people each day!

As a follower of Jesus, you will share the hope that comes from God with people you meet in each port.

#3 Experience growth and change

Whether it is emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, there is no doubt that serving with OM’s Ship Ministry will stretch you. From living in a multicultural community to ever-changing environments, fast-paced schedules, to being far away from loved ones, the ship experience is not for the faint-hearted.

But if you want to grow and build your character, then join to see how your life changes!

#4 Use your skills and talents for God

Perhaps you’re a seasoned professional and qualified in your field. Alternatively, you could be completely unsure of what to do with your life. Either way, you have a place in OM’s Ship Ministry! Whether it’s through your full-time work or in your free time, there are plenty of ways for you to utilise your unique skills and talents on board. Plus, you’ll learn many new skills too!

#5 Discover God’s plan

OM’s Ship Ministry trains and equips people to continue sharing God’s love after their ship experience. There are opportunities in leadership development, work-related experience, interpersonal and life-skill development, faith-based training and mentoring. A team will help support you as you seek God’s plan for your life.


#6 Travel the world!

Imagine swimming in clear Caribbean seas, visiting Egyptian pyramids, hiking Montenegrin mountains, eating Mexican street food, exploring Malaysian jungles and much more!

So maybe the better question is, why not join the Ship Ministry? Apply here!

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